St Gregory’s Catholic Primary School

St Gregory’s Catholic Primary School

Foundation Stage - Chick Hatching

We received a very special delivery this week – a batch of hen’s eggs for us to look after! 


On Tuesday, we excitedly monitored the eggs in their incubator, looking out for any changes as the chicks grew inside. We learned about the lifecycle of a hen and we have started bonding with our eggs already.


On Wednesday morning some of us could hear feint cheeping sounds when we placed our ear near the incubator.

Christina taught us that we must use a quiet voice near the incubator. We had to be careful not to knock the furniture that the incubator is on; we didn't want to upset the chicks growing inside the eggs. By the afternoon a crack appeared in one of the eggs - it's very exciting!


On Thursday there was a big surprise at morning registration, eight of the eggs had hatched overnight and there were fluffy chicks in the incubator. On Thursday morning the children got to see some chicks hatch, all ten eggs had hatched and Thomas told us "some of the older chicks were running around the incubator". 


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