St Gregory’s Catholic Primary School

St Gregory’s Catholic Primary School

We Show Value Through our Actions

The 25th Sunday of Ordinary Time Year C - Luke 16: 1-13

This week the Gospel teaches us about trust and honesty.

As we grow up, our parents and teachers give us greater responsibilities. To become independent young people, we must show ourselves to be trustworthy in these responsibilities. In the parable, Jesus tells us about what it means to be trustworthy in the eyes of God.

The dishonest steward earned praise by being more responsible about his job. (His job was to secure the rich man's money, not to secure his own wealth.) There are many rich people in the world and there are even more people who have very little. We not always appreciate how much we have compared to those who do not even have clean water, a house to live in, a school to go to, clothes to wear or books to read from and learn.

We are all stewards of this world but also of each other, so we need to look after both people and the earth, wisely and fairly.  Jesus reminds his disciples that we show what we value most by our actions. If we are honest people and can be trusted, then we will be honest and trustworthy in all the things we do, big and small. We are challenged to act always in ways that demonstrate that we put God first in our lives.

Mrs Darwin
STCCAT Chaplain


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