St Gregory’s Catholic Primary School

St Gregory’s Catholic Primary School

'Be Internet Legends'

On Thursday 17th October we will be visited by Parent Zone, courtesy of Google, to present an online safety assembly to our Key Stage 2 pupils.

What is a Google Be Internet Legends assembly?

The Google Be Internet Legends assembly teaches Key Stage 2 pupils the skills they need to be safe and confident explorers of the online world. It is completely free and is part of a larger programme, featuring a free PSHE Association-accredited curriculum pack, family resources and free online game. The assembly will be delivered by Parent Zone.

What areas of learning does the Google Be Internet Legends assembly cover?

The assembly focuses on the five core pillars of the Be Internet Legends educational programme, incorporating characters from an imaginary world called Interland. The pillars are:

  • Be Internet Sharp: Centred around the importance of thinking before sharing, evaluating whether a piece of information is private or not, and bearing in mind who will be able to see what is shared.
  • Be Internet Alert: Teaching pupils how to spot phishing scams and how to report them, be able to tell what is real and what is fake, and to think critically about information found online.
  • Be Internet Secure: Focused on keeping personal information safe by creating unique passwords, combining characters, numbers and symbols.
  • Be Internet Kind: Encourages pupils to spread positivity online, speak up against and report bullying, and teaches them how to identify inappropriate behaviour.
  • Be Internet Brave: About standing up when witnessing something inappropriate online, and to speak to a trusted adult about any concerns.


If you have any queries or want more information please contact your child's class teacher or see the Parent Zone website.