St Gregory’s Catholic Primary School

St Gregory’s Catholic Primary School

Year 5 - Walsingham Residential 2017


Day One - Night Prayer

One of the resident priests, Fr Andreas, led our night prayer in the Holy House. We then had hot chocolate whilst listening to fabulous story tellers within Year 5 regale us of bedtime stories from Irish legend to the depths of their own fabulous imaginations! We finished with a prayer for Mrs Brockway who organised our trip and would love to be with us today. We're very much looking forward to a great day tomorrow when we will find out what it was like to be a pilgrim in medieval times.



Day Two - Pilgrims Walk A Lot!

Pilgrim men would wear big hoods to keep them safe from extreme weather-sun, rain or wind-on their journey.



We saw the remains of the priory. This arch used to hold the East window of the priory at Walsingham in medieval times.


We then wrote prayers on scrolls to leave in the shrine. 


It is thought that Henry VIII once stayed in the priory. We touched the wall he may have touched. 

Pilgrims walk....a lot!  After our long walk, we ate vegetable soup with a bread roll, a chicken leg and forest fruits.  (We were still a bit hungry afterwards! Don't worry, we had an afternoon tea of juice and biscuits. Yum!)


We even met St Gregory in the local church!


Today we received a traditional 'sprinkling' just like the pilgrims would have from the holy water at Walsingham. First the priest offered us some holy water to drink from the ladle, then he blessed us with it and, finally, he poured some into our hands. The water overflowed from our hands just like God's love for us is too much for us to hold in our hands; it overflows for us.



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