St Gregory’s Catholic Primary School

St Gregory’s Catholic Primary School

‘Go and make disciples of all nations.’

Matthew 28:19

Each September at St Gregory’s, Year 5 and 6 students, from any faith or none, are invited to join the Ethos Team; a group of children who meet each week to act as prayer leaders. Their role is to inspire and encourage others to live out and respect the school mission and values by their words and actions and to learn more about prayer and the Gospel values of Jesus.

This academic year, we have fourteen very enthusiastic pupils who attend the weekly meeting on a regular basis during their lunch break.

The meetings vary each week, but always include a reflection, along with a praise and worship song as the group gathers, and a prayer, often led by one or more of the children.

Roles and Responsibilities of the Ethos Team

  • Being aware of the changing liturgical seasons, visiting classrooms to help with monitoring of the liturgical colours and seasonal prayers for the RE tables.
  • Learning about and experiencing types of prayer, for example Lectio Divina and the Examen; then going to each class to share the prayer with the other children.
  • Planning and leading assemblies.
  • Preparing for Mass e.g. setting up the Mass, reading etc.
  • Representing St Gregory’s Catholic Primary School at the annual Diocesan Mass and taking part in the Advent and Lent Services at Northampton Cathedral by learning hymns, prayers and readings.
  • Discussing ideas about how to further involve the school in Ethos activities.
  • Learning about Current Church happenings e.g.  the canonisation JH Newman, The Year of the Word.
  • Praise and Worship parties.
  • Helping to organise and lead key initiatives e.g. ‘March a Mile for Missio’ and th4e Shoebox Appeal.

‘When I am at Ethos, God gives me hope. He helps me to help the little children know about God through my actions.’

'When I am attending the Ethos Team meetings, God gives me hope. He helps me to help the younger children learn about God.'

‘The Ethos Team helps me to bring others closer to God.’

'The Ethos Team makes me feel more holy and kind.  It helps me to know Jesus better.'

'Being a part of the Ethos Team gives me a feeling of leadership – we went to the Cathedral with the other schools during Lent and Advent.  We all helped out.

- Ethos Team, June 2019.