St Gregory’s Catholic Primary School

St Gregory’s Catholic Primary School

Our Catholic Faith

‘Walking Together in the Light of the Lord’

At St Gregory’s, our Mission Statement ‘Walking Together in the Light of the Lord’ was developed by our school community in 2017. As a whole school community, we reflected on the kind of community we wanted to be: one of aspiration, resilience, awareness and compassion; we want to live like Jesus and be an example to others, showing them how to do this too.

Our Mission Statement is central to our school. It inspires our curriculum design, is the basis for policy decisions and underpins our whole school culture and ethos - of which we are incredibly proud. Across the school, the children are supported and encouraged to put their faith into action in their own lives, through their interactions with others and kindness and generosity to those less fortunate across all walks of life.

‘The Mission Statement is known by all and is clearly lived out day to day in the school community.’ - IMV Report, July 2019.

As part of our mission to be more like Jesus, our school community devised a set of values that we can use to grow and learn from. These values, spelling out ‘Gregory's, adorn our walls with quotes from scripture, saints and other inspirational individuals.

When we walk together in the light of the Lord, we show: