St Gregory’s Catholic Primary School

St Gregory’s Catholic Primary School

‘Great holiness, great sainthood, consists in carrying out the “little duties” of each moment.’

Saint Josémaria Escrivá

The Catholic Church calls us all to be saints: to know and understand our faith; to live it out in such a way as to model the values Christ taught us and demonstrated; to be the best version of ourselves in terms of how we live our lives and to recognise and become who we have been created to be.

At St Gregory’s these values are shown in the way we care for and support those in our school community as well as further afield. The children are taught to consider the feelings of others; show compassion and to help others whenever they can. This is evident in the spirit of St Gregory’s staff and pupils who regularly fundraise using their talents and skills to show support for others.

‘It is a big responsibility to be able to care for others.’

Elena, June 2019