St Gregory’s Catholic Primary School

St Gregory’s Catholic Primary School

Make sure that you make time to connect with your family and friends; if it is not possible to meet them in person, then make use of communication platforms such as: Yammer, ezTalks, Hipchat, Zoom, Slack, Fuze, Atlassian or Teams which are popular platforms available to support social connection.

There will be times in life where you need a little support to help you to stay connected. 

Click on the pictures below to visit other sites to find out more about connecting to stay well. Please also visit our Chaplaincy area for further spiritual support and practical advice. 

Seek support if you are caring for someone else

Seek support if you are caring for someone else 

Find ways to make yourself, and those you love, happy

Connect with others to support your mental health 


Connect with others who support people in education


Connect spiritually and celebrate Mass with others online


Take a survey to assess your current mental health